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Are you seeking the missing ingredients to move from good to great? Are you looking for the next generation of skills, mindsets, and processes to transform your performance as a project manager or sponsor? This seminar demonstrates how to integrate key people, team, business, technical, and organisational skills. Develop the leadership, learning, means, and motivation to advance both personally and professionally. This session shares insights, experiences, attitude, examples, stories, and passion that motivate action. Case studies and practise sessions help participants learn from each other and about successful practises.
Identify how to apply these practises up, across, and down the organisation, especially in politically charged situations. The goal is to integrate knowledge and skills that make the difference in achieving optimised outcomes, increased satisfaction, and bottom line results.
Develop and enhance the contributions you make to your organisation by being able to:
  • Change thinking about necessary skills to enhance on-the-job performance
  • Apply different approaches to leading and managing projects, based upon examples and case studies
  • Realise what needs to be done to achieve better results and how to do it
  • Develop your project or programme professional career
In addition to the dates listed on the right side of this page, this seminar will be offered at several locations in North America.

What the Course Covers

  • Defining a multi-level set of competencies
  • Leading vs. managing
  • Conducting stakeholder analysis
  • Example: dealing with stakeholders, especially the difficult ones
  • Assessing the environment
  • Understanding revitalisation and validation cycles
  • Shifting from “toxic” to “green”
  • Operating across organisations
  • Understanding change management and roles of the change agent
  • Example: surveying existing environment to identify strengths and opportunities
  • Changing attitude
  • Using humor
  • Assessing aptitude
  • Applying passion, persistence, and patience
  • Identifying influence skills
  • Dealing with chaos—the role of purpose and networking
  • Powering up your interaction quotient—conversations and dialogue
  • Example: identifying frames of reference
  • Building awareness—do it everyday
  • Adopting principled style
  • Applying 10 rules of negotiating
  • Make it win-win
  • Example: negotiating project objectives with sponsor
  • The sales process
  • Sales presentations
  • Features, benefits, advantages
  • Dealing with objections
  • Getting closure
  • Example: selling project plan to key stakeholders
  • Politics are everywhere
  • Understanding power and politics
  • Developing a political plan
  • Speaking truth to power
  • Navigating through political minefields
  • Example: creating a project office
  • Preparing and presenting action plans

PDU Allocation Table

The table below displays the number of professional development units (PDUs) awarded for each PMI® credential, as they align to the PMI Talent Triangle®. Leadership and Strategic PDUs apply evenly across all credentials and Technical PDUs apply only to specific credentials. PDUs will be added in full to all eligible credentials.

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  • Technical
  • Leadership
  • Strategic
  • Total
  • PMP®/PgMP®
  • 4.50
  • 5.50
  • 4.00
  • 14.00
  • PMI-ACP®
  • 0.00
  • 5.50
  • 4.00
  • 9.50
  • PMI-SP®
  • 0.00
  • 5.50
  • 4.00
  • 9.50
  • PMI-RMP®
  • 0.00
  • 5.50
  • 4.00
  • 9.50
  • PfMP®
  • 0.00
  • 5.50
  • 4.00
  • 9.50
  • PMI-PBA®
  • 0.00
  • 5.50
  • 4.00
  • 9.50
  • Talent Triangle Blue
  • Talent Triangle Green
  • Talent Triangle Purple
  • Complete Talent Triangle

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