Mega SeminarsWorld® in Orlando

26 - 29 June 2017
Orlando, Florida
United States

Caribe Royale


Mega SeminarsWorld® offers the same opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge from PPPM experts in small group settings that you find at any SeminarsWorld program, plus the ability to earn additional PDUs outside the classroom and build your professional network through shared meals and receptions attended by more than 600 participants.

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Whether you are new to project and program management or an experienced professional wishing to hone a specific skill, Mega SeminarsWorld has a course to fit your individual need. All courses are aligned with the PMI Talent Triangle® which is comprised of three core skillsets that today’s employers need. 
All 40 face-to-face seminars are taught by skilled instructors who bring the value of their real-world experience and enable an atmosphere of sharing and learning through action.
What makes this a Mega SeminarsWorld experience?  
  • Keynote presentation on Monday morning (1 PDU)
  • Receptions immediately following sessions on Monday and Wednesday
  • Breakfast educational sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (0.5 PDU each)
Mega SeminarsWorld is a four-day event featuring 40 courses in a single location. Courses vary from 1 to 4 days duration. Attendees may take advantage of any of the activities listed above during the 4-day period (excluding lunch).  
Attendees must select a specific course, over a set of specific days. Each seminar is only open to those who have both registered and paid for that specific session. Example: If you are attending a one day course on Thursday. You may arrive any day prior to Thursday to attend Monday keynote, morning educational sessions and receptions. You would not have the opportunity to attend a workshop prior to Thursday unless you purchased an additional 2 or 3 day course.
At-a-Glance Subject to change  
List includes all session days. Actual session days vary based on course selection.

26 June

27 June

28 June

29 June

7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m

Registration and Information Desk

Registration and Information Desk

Registration and Information Desk

Registration and Information Desk

7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m

Breakfast (extended to 8:30 a.m. on Monday)




Various Times

Keynote Speaker – Story Musgrave
Farm Kid to Rocket Man and Way Beyond: Driven by Curiosity to Unexpected Destinations

7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

Breakfast Speaker – Carl Pritchard
Opportunity Management—Finding the Silver Lining
7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.

Breakfast Speaker – Neal Whitten 
Client Satisfaction Surveys: Gauging Project Success
7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.

Breakfast Speaker – Lisa Ditullio
Be Disruptive: Break the Rules and Write New Ones
7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.

Various Times

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.





4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Networking Reception


Networking Reception


*exact times may vary from session to session


Keynote Speaker
Monday, 26 June
PMI presents Story Musgrave as the keynote speaker for Mega SeminarsWorld in Orlando 2017!  In his professional career, Story was a U.S. Marine in Korea and a NASA astronaut for 30 years.  Story holds six graduate degrees and has been awarded 20 honorary doctorates.  Currently, Story works in multimedia, architecture, and is a professor of design.

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Fees include tuition, seminar materials, certificate of completion, continental breakfast, and lunch.

Pricing for SeminarsWorld Orlando

Early Member Rate
PMI Member Rate
Early Non Member Rate
Non Member Rate
One-day Seminar
$ 675
Two-day Seminar
Three-day Seminar
Four-day Seminar
Early Member Rate
One-day Seminar $ 675
Two-day Seminar $1350
Three-day Seminar $2025
Four-day Seminar $2700
PMI Member Rate
One-day Seminar $725
Two-day Seminar $1455
Three-day Seminar $2155
Four-day Seminar $2845
Early Non Member Rate
One-day Seminar $700
Two-day Seminar $1495
Three-day Seminar $2195
Four-day Seminar $2885
Non Member Rate
One-day Seminar $895
Two-day Seminar $1595
Three-day Seminar $2295
Four-day Seminar $2985

Group Discounts

Any organization registering a group of at least 3 individuals to a specific SeminarsWorld® location is eligible to send one additional registrant to a seminar at that location at no cost.

The maximum number that any organization can receive is three complimentary registrations (one for every 3 registrants—up to 9 paid and 3 complimentary). This offer does not include travel or hotel expenses. Online registration is not available for groups, simply complete the SeminarsWorld registration form.

Note: All registration forms must be submitted together via fax (International: +1 240 439 2554; within the United States: +1 800 310 7554) or postal mail to PMI Registration (5202 President Court, Suite G100, Suite 310, Frederick, Maryland 21703).

Does not apply for seminars booked using 10% PMI® Global Congress and SeminarsWorld bundling. Organizations sending 10 or more individuals to PMI Global Congress and SeminarsWorld in Chicago are eligible for a group discount. For more information and to register a group of 10 or more, please email

Seminar Title

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

4 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

1 Day Seminar

1 Day Seminar

3 Day Seminar

3 Day Seminar

4 Day Seminar

4 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

4 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

3 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

1 Day Seminar

3 Day Seminar

3 Day Seminar

2 Day Seminar

Event Instructors

Instructor Anne  Kreitzberg

Anne Kreitzberg

Seminars: Agile Strategic Thinking for Project Managers: Balancing Strategy and Execution

Anne is co-founder and principal of the Center for Agile Thinking. A trusted advisor to leaders and teams in a wide range of public, private and nonprofit organizations for over 25 years, Anne has held executive positions in the private and public sectors. She developed award-winning programs to address emerging workplace issues that set ‘best practice’ and is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and author on critical, strategic, and collaborative thinking in organizations. Anne …

Learn More about Anne Kreitzberg >

Instructor Charles B. Kreitzberg

Charles B. Kreitzberg

Seminars: Agile Strategic Thinking for Project Managers: Balancing Strategy and Execution

Charlie is co-founder and principal of The Center for Agile Thinking. He is a cognitive psychologist and computer scientist. Charlie has lectured and consulted at corporations and universities worldwide. He has served as an expert witness in software interface patent disputes. Author and founding editor of User Experience magazine, and former columnist for Internet Week and MSDN magazine, Dr. Kreitzberg has served on the national boards of the Usability Professionals Association and the Socie…

Learn More about Charles B. Kreitzberg >

Instructor Neal  Whitten

Neal Whitten

Seminars: No-Nonsense Behaviors that Lead to Exceptional Performance: Formula for Success, Building and Leading High Performance Dream Teams: Formula for Success

Neal Whitten is a popular speaker, trainer, consultant, mentor, and best-selling author in the areas of leadership, project management, and employee development. He has written over 100 articles for professional magazines—over 80 for PM Network magazine—and is the author of seven books. With over 35 years of front-line project management experience, Neal has developed and instructed dozens of unique workshops, created many professional- and personal-development online courses, and…

Learn More about Neal Whitten >

Instructor Dr. Frank T. Anbari

Dr. Frank T. Anbari

Seminars: How to Use Earned Value Management and Earned Schedule to Enhance Project Performance Management, Advanced Project Quality and Lean Six Sigma

Dr. Frank T. Anbari is professor and director of the Project Management Program at Drexel University and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He holds a PhD in project management and quality enhancement, as well as an MBA and an MS in engineering. Dr. Anbari gained extensive industrial experience serving in leadership positions in engineering and information technology in major organizations. He served as a faculty member and director of the Project Management Program at The George Washington Unive…

Learn More about Dr. Frank T. Anbari >

Instructor Joseph  Reed

Joseph Reed

Seminars: Influencing Without Authority: Skills for Obtaining Resources, Building Relationships and Getting Things Done

Dr. Joseph Reed is an organizational consultant who provides training and other individual and organizational effectiveness services to corporations and institutions. Joe's involvement with personal and organizational development dates back over twenty years. He has had direct managerial experience as a Marine Corps officer, university administrator, and manager of training & development within a financial services corporation. He currently heads J.R. Training, Inc., a training and or…

Learn More about Joseph Reed >

Instructor Alfonso  Bucero

Alfonso Bucero
PMP, PMI Fellow

Seminars: Integrating People, Organizational and Technical Skills: The Complete Project Manager

Alfonso Bucero is the founder and managing partner of BUCERO PM Consulting ( He was a senior project manager at Hewlett-Packard Spain for 13 years. Alfonso was the founder, sponsor, and president of PMI Barcelona Spain Chapter, a member of the CoPAT for PMI EMEA 2005-6 congresses and the president of PMI Madrid Spain Chapter. He graduated from the “Leadership Institute Master Class" of 2007. Alfonso has a computer science engineering degree, is a PhD candidate, and…

Learn More about Alfonso Bucero >

Instructor Randy  Englund

Randy Englund

Seminars: Integrating People, Organizational and Technical Skills: The Complete Project Manager

Randy Englund shares his many years of experience, as a senior project manager and practitioner for 22 years at Hewlett-Packard Company, and now as executive consultant for the Englund Project Management Consultancy ( Whether teaching university courses or PMI seminars, he delights in creating memorable experiences, using multimedia, interactive discussions, and a systems approach to organizational learning. These derive from work in a corporate Project Management Initiati…

Learn More about Randy Englund >

Instructor Manon  Deguire

Manon Deguire

Seminars: Leadership, Governance and Decision-Making: An Integrated Approach for Organizational Project Management

Manon is a managing partner of Valense Ltd., a global training, research, and consultancy firm and a PMI Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) since 2004. In the last ten years, she has led a number of training and consultancy mandates in change, value, project, and program management, and regularly teaches at the post-graduate level. Manon has developed a number of courses in change and project management, as well as leadership, governance, and decision-making.   She has…

Learn More about Manon Deguire >

Instructor Gregory D. Githens

Gregory D. Githens

Seminars: Leading Strategic Initiatives (Program Management), How to Think Strategically and Apply Business Acumen

Greg Githens is one of PMI’s most senior and popular instructors, bringing a pragmatic approach and enthusiastic style to his students and audiences.  He specializes in strategic program management issues; strategic thinking, strategic initiatives, program management, and customer-driven innovation. In taking his courses, you’ll learn that “the most important tool is the one between your ears.” You’ll learn why experts approach problem solving differently th…

Learn More about Gregory D. Githens >

Instructor Thomas Luke Jarocki

Thomas Luke Jarocki

Seminars: Managing the Human Side of Projects - Facilitating Stakeholder Satisfaction, Change Adoption and Organizational Value, Orchestrating Total Project Success - A Comprehensive Approach for Managing People, Projects, and Organizational Change

Thomas Luke Jarocki, managing director of consulting and training for Emergence One International, is an internationally recognized expert, author, and thought-leader when it comes to integrating project management expertise with organizational change management proficiency. A frequent and popular presenter with PMI audiences worldwide, Thomas has logged nearly 25,000 hours working with various project teams across the United States, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. His influential…

Learn More about Thomas Luke Jarocki >

Instructor Jack S. Duggal

Jack S. Duggal

Seminars: Next Generation Leadership and Communication, Building and Transforming the Next Generation PMO and Portfolio Management

Jack Duggal is a sought after international keynote speaker, change-maker and executive. His passion is to provide new perspectives on how to manage the DANCE [Dynamic | Ambiguous | Nonlinear | Complex | Emergent] nature of projects and life in today’s disruptive world, and inspire people and organizations on how to lead change and make a difference! Jack is an internationally recognized expert in Strategy-Execution and PMO. His Next Generation seminars have been top-rated for over 15 y…

Learn More about Jack S. Duggal >

Instructor Michel  Thiry

Michel Thiry
PhD, PMI Fellow

Seminars: Program Management Master Class

Michel Thiry has extensive worldwide experience and has worked in many cultural environments. He is recognized as a worldwide authority in strategic applications of project, program, and value at the organizational level and has supported the development and implementation of a number of strategic programs for major corporations in various fields, including construction, financial, pharmaceutical, IT and IS, telecom, water treatment, transportation (air and rail), local government, and others…

Learn More about Michel Thiry >

Instructor Bradley  Malone

Bradley Malone

Seminars: Project Management: Competencies and Structure - an Application of the PMBOK Guide

Bradley A. Malone, president of Twin Star Consulting Company, a project management and corporate transformation consulting company, has managed numerous large hardware, software development, and integration projects. He has directed many project management process implementation, and improvement efforts for major corporations. He develops and instructs training courses in basic and advanced project management skills, team building, and facilitation skills. He leads project management audit te…

Learn More about Bradley Malone >

Instructor Lowell D. Dye

Lowell D. Dye

Seminars: Project Portfolio Management: Selection, Prioritization, and Management

Lowell Dye is a senior consultant with Management Concepts. He has over 30 years’ experience in project, program, and portfolio management including training, consulting, and implementation in a variety of commercial and government organizations. He is the coeditor of Project Portfolio Management: Selecting and Prioritizing Projects for Competitive Advantage and Managing Multiple Projects: Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Competitive Advantage, as well as author of several publish…

Learn More about Lowell D. Dye >

Instructor Kate  Boothroyd

Kate Boothroyd

Seminars: Project Risk Management Master Class

Kate Boothroyd is an expert risk management consultant and an Associate with THE RISK DOCTOR PARTNERSHIP (, offering specialist risk management consultancy and training.  She is also a Director of KB Risk Consulting Limited, a risk management business based in the UK, providing a wide range of risk consultancy, training and audit services.  Kate has particular expertise in project and corporate risk management, training and development, and internal audit. She ha…

Learn More about Kate Boothroyd >

Instructor David  Hillson

David Hillson
PMI Fellow

Seminars: Project Risk Management Master Class

Known globally as The Risk Doctor, David Hillson is an award-winning thought-leader and expert practitioner who speaks and writes widely on risk management, with ten major books on the topic. David leads The Risk Doctor Partnership (, a global consultancy offering specialist risk services across the world. David has been active in the Association for Project Management (APM) for many years, where his significant contributions to the risk discipline were recognized wit…

Learn More about David Hillson >

Instructor Shika  Carter

Shika Carter

Seminars: Business Analysis: Bridging the Gap to Project Success

Shika Carter is a consultant and trainer specializing in the business analysis and project management disciplines. She has managed complex technology projects in the financial services, telecommunications, and transportation industries. Shika is highly skilled in strategic planning of technology infrastructure deployment projects. As a seasoned professional with more than fifteen years of experience, her areas of expertise include project management, business analysis, development and impleme…

Learn More about Shika Carter >

Instructor Dennis K. VanGemert

Dennis K. VanGemert

Seminars: Systems Project Management: Techniques for Managing Complex Projects

Dennis K. Van Gemert has been teaching project management and systems engineering for 10 years at the University of California and holds the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification from Project Management Institute and the Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) certification from the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), as well as being an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). He has 21 years experience in…

Learn More about Dennis K. VanGemert >

Instructor Karlheinz  Muenchow

Karlheinz Muenchow

Seminars: The Agile PMP: Real-World Implementations and Your Career

As founder and president of XoJom Group, Karlheinz Muenchow is an innovator who excels at transforming the project management practice at organizations all across the globe. What sets him apart is the combination of his vast experience in technology and engineering, along with his committed passion to coach executives and managers striving for change.  Karl provides invaluable lessons developed from the real world that accelerate the process of piloting lean-agile across all organiza…

Learn More about Karlheinz Muenchow >

Instructor Kent  Crawford

Kent Crawford
PMP, PMI Fellow

Seminars: The Evolving PMO: Governance, Portfolio Management, Resource Optimization, and Performance Measurement

Kent Crawford is the founder and CEO of PM Solutions, the leader in applying project and portfolio management processes to drive operational efficiency. He is also founder and CEO of the firm’s training subsidiary, PM College. In addition to his executive role, he is an influential member of the project management community, highly respected as a thought leader. He is a sought-after speaker at business conferences worldwide and the award-winning author of The Strategic Project Office. …

Learn More about Kent Crawford >

Instructor Olivier  Lazar

Olivier Lazar

Seminars: Aligning the Organization through Portfolio Management, Advanced Leadership Development: Leadership, Teams, Objectives & Influence

Olivier Lazar is an organizational governance consultant, coach, and trainer, as well as a graduate with a master’s degree and an executive MBA in strategy, project, and program management from the Lille Graduate School of Management and from the PMI Leadership Institute Master Class 2013. Committed to the advancement of the profession, he’s managing partner at Valense, Ltd., former president at the PMI Switzerland Chapter, and currently sitting at the Chapter Members Advisory Gro…

Learn More about Olivier Lazar >

Instructor Carl  Pritchard

Carl Pritchard

Seminars: Managing Multiple Projects, Managing Risk on Projects

Carl Pritchard is a thought leader in risk management.  He has authored seven project management textbooks, including two on risk management.  He is the principal and founder of Pritchard Management Associates, a veteran SeminarsWorld® instructor (for over two decades), and the U.S. Correspondent for the British project management magazine, Project Manager Today. …

Learn More about Carl Pritchard >

Instructor Lisa  DiTullio

Lisa DiTullio

Seminars: Project TLC: Teamwork, Leadership, Communications, The Project Coach: How to Stretch and Develop Others While Getting the Work Done

Lisa is the principal of Your Project Office, a PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)® and consulting group dedicated to introducing project management as a business competency.  She is a renowned thought leader and recognized international speaker/trainer on project management techniques, project management office (PMO) operations, business strategy, and turnaround efforts.  As a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences, Lisa is passionate about supporting …

Learn More about Lisa DiTullio >

Instructor Claudia M. Baca

Claudia M. Baca

Seminars: PMO Building Blocks for Successful Strategic Initiative Management

Claudia M. Baca has PMO experience in multiple industries across all disciplines of portfolio, program, and project management. Claudia is an experienced writer and lecturer. She co-authored papers on the effective development of PMOs which were presented at four PMI global congresses. She has written five books on effective project management including the popular, Project Management for Mere Mortal. Claudia was the chair and co-author for Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide, …

Learn More about Claudia M. Baca >

Instructor Ruth Anne Guerrero

Ruth Anne Guerrero

Seminars: PMO Building Blocks for Successful Strategic Initiative Management

Ruth Anne Guerrero has expertise in establishing and managing PMOs, and demonstrating how project management helps organizations improve their project execution and enables the attainment of strategic business goals. As head of US PMO for TD Bank, she was responsible for the $400MM project portfolio and supporting more than 750 project managers and business analysts. Prior to joining TD Bank, Ruth Anne worked at the AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies as vice president, PMO. At JPMorgan Cha…

Learn More about Ruth Anne Guerrero >

Instructor Iain  Fraser

Iain Fraser
PMP, PMI Fellow

Seminars: Business Change Management - Heading for the Future, Business Benefits Realization – Capturing Business Value

Iain is globally recognized as an expert in modern portfolio, program, and project management practices particularly within a business setting.  He has worked around the world in the banking/finance, defense, engineering, government, oil & gas, power, and telecommunications sectors. He is a sought after, trusted advisor on portfolio, program, and project management, and related PMOs. He is also recognized as a public speaker and keynotes many business events. Many of his whitepapers …

Learn More about Iain Fraser >

Instructor Deborah  Crawford

Deborah Crawford

Seminars: Measuring the Performance of Project Initiatives: An Important Step in Benefits Realization

Deborah Bigelow Crawford has more than 20 years of experience in project and business management. She attained her PMP certification in1998 from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Ms. Bigelow Crawford serves as executive vice-president of PM Solutions, where she is responsible for the organization’s overall administrative operations and training. She also serves as president of the PM College®, PM Solutions' training division, where she is responsible for the fiscal managem…

Learn More about Deborah Crawford >

Instructor David  Po-Chedley

David Po-Chedley

Seminars: Blueprint for Project Success: 10 Keys to Creating a Best-in-Class Project Organization, Project Productivity Killers: How to Get Them Before They Get You

Dave Po-Chedley, PMP, has been  involved in project management for over 25 years, and a SeminarsWorld faculty member since 2002. A  Principal at Cambridge Consulting, he helps clients enhance project effectiveness. Thousands of people from organizations across the globe have benefited from workshops and consulting services provided by Mr. Po-Chedley, including Google, General Dynamics, Hasbro, Boeing, General Motors, IBM, AT&T and General Electric. Dave has written several books…

Learn More about David Po-Chedley >

Instructor Vijay K. Verma

Vijay K. Verma
PMP, PMI Fellow

Seminars: Leader or Manager? The Art of Balancing Both to Achieve Success in a Global Economy

Vijay K. Verma, PMP, PMI Fellow, MBA, PEng, is an internationally known speaker, trainer and author. Mr. Verma has more than 38 years of experience in the area of project management.    He has presented numerous workshops for many clients from a wide variety of industries. He has written the three-volume series published by PMI, which includes Organizing Projects for Success (Vol. 1), Human Resource Skills for the Project Manager (Vol. 2), and Managing the Project Team (Vol.…

Learn More about Vijay K. Verma >

Instructor Lisa  Hammer

Lisa Hammer

Seminars: Creative Problem Solving: Applying Non-Linear Thinking to Solve Difficult Project Management Problems, Agile Project Management: Applying Agile Principles in Traditional Project Environments

Lisa Hammer, PMP, has more than 30 years of experience, specializing in project management and staff development for both large and small firms. She has managed the implementation of several multi-million dollar programs to achieve client goals while maintaining budget and cost controls. Lisa’s executive career has been highlighted by a broad range of qualifications, including proven leadership and analytical skills, collaboration with outside groups, along with a reputation for account…

Learn More about Lisa Hammer >

Instructor David B. Newman

David B. Newman

Seminars: Creative Problem Solving: Applying Non-Linear Thinking to Solve Difficult Project Management Problems, Agile Project Management: Applying Agile Principles in Traditional Project Environments

David B. Newman PMP, SPHR, CSM, has over 30 years of experience. He holds a master’s degree in technical management and has a diversified background in engineering and product development. He is a certified trainer for leadership seminars and loves to share his experience and extensive background with others. Project teams have excelled under his leadership as he has emphasized that the key to building a high performance team is to integrate management skills with a collaborative philos…

Learn More about David B. Newman >

Instructor Joy  Beatty

Joy Beatty

Seminars: Introduction to the Agile Product Owner, Foundational BA Requirements Training

Joy Beatty is a Vice President at Seilevel, a professional services company whose mission is to define software that customers love to use. The Seilevel team provides business analyst and product management services for F1000 companies across the US. They also help customers who want to modify their approach to software requirements to be more effective, so IT projects deliver their intended business value. Joy has provided training to thousands of business analysts and is PMI-PBA® and CB…

Learn More about Joy Beatty >

Instructor Beth  Spriggs

Beth Spriggs

Seminars: Strategy to Tactics: Journey to Leadership

Beth Spriggs, PMP, is an experienced trainer, speaker, and author. Currently she leads the portfolio of projects as the vice president of technology at Leadership for Educational Equity. Beth is also the president and founder of Vision Magnified, a non-profit organization with a mission to help project, program, and portfolio managers reach executive level leadership roles. Her contributions include delivering webinars for, and speaking at local chapters and various PMI …

Learn More about Beth Spriggs >

Hotel Information

Caribe Royale

8101 World Center Drive
Orlando, Florida 32821

The Caribe Royale All Suite Hotel offers an array of guest room options* suited to every need. 
Book within the PMI group to enjoy a discounted room rate of US$145 per night plus applicable taxes. Also when you book within the PMI group the hotel fee will be waived (US$19.95 savings per night) and you’ll receive complimentary WiFi in your guest room and meeting space.
PMI is offering a $50 hotel voucher that can be used at the Caribe Royal All Suite Hotel when you stay there. Use it in the gift shop or treat yourself at the restaurant and spa.
PMI will not reach out to solicit rooms. If you are contacted by a third party company regarding hotel reservations, please ignore it and delete the message to avoid fraudulent scams. 

Extend Your Stay in Orlando! 
Rooms in the PMI group block are available on a first-come, first-served basis from Thursday, 21 June – Sunday, 2 July. To receive the group rate, reservations must be made by 31 May 2017. 
Cancellations made within 72 hours of arrival will forfeit one night’s room and tax. Rates are based on single/double occupancy. Additional adults are $15 each per night.
*Guest Room Options – visit the hotel reservation website to view room details and amenities.

All Mega SeminarsWorld activities will take place at the Caribe Royal Convention Center located at 8101 World Center Drive, Orlando, Florida 32821 USA. The Caribe Royale All Suite Hotel is adjacent to and shares a parking lot with the Caribe Royal Convention Center. Driving directions can be found here.
If you are flying into Orlando International Airport, taxi and shuttle service are available.  

Discounted Rates

Nightly Rate
Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy
Room Nightly Rate
Single Occupancy $145
Double Occupancy $145

Local Attractions

Specially Priced Walt Disney World® Theme Park Tickets
Theme Park Tickets
Mega SeminarsWorld attendees can enjoy exclusive afternoon (after 2:00 p.m. and after 5:00 p.m.) tickets and special discounted multi-day tickets that are not available at Disney ticket windows. The multi-day tickets include an additional complimentary admission to one of the following Disney Experiences:
  • Day at a Water Park! Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, or Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park
  • Round of Golf! Disney’s Winter Summerland or Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Courses (before 4 p.m.), or a round of golf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, a 9-hole walking course.
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
To purchase your tickets over the phone or for more information, please call 407-566-5600.
Please note the cut-off date for advance purchase savings for attendees and their guests is 20 June 2017.
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