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Seminar Description

Topics: Strategic Application and Governance

Sub-Topics: Agile Life Cycle, Portfolio Management, Project Management Office (PMO)

Day 1 AM Session: Business Driven PMO Setup. Instructor: Mark Price Perry
There is no surer way to invite PMO difficulties than to rush into a cookie‐cutter “people, process, tools” strategy and to “sell the PMO”—an approach still advocated by many today. This workshop first engages participants in a highly interactive session that reveals and corrects common misguided PMO strategies, while highlighting select opportunities to make your approach more agile. Perry will also present a bouquet of real‐life PMO success stories based upon his third book in the Business Driven PMO series, Business Driven PMO Success Stories (2013).
Day 1 PM Session: Portfolio Execution. Instructor: Andy Jordan
Organizations only succeed when they have effective strategy execution, and PMOs can, and should, play a vital role in achieving that. End-to-end portfolio management, combined with a business agility focus enable levels of performance that no one ever thought possible. Andy Jordan uses his signature high energy and engaging style to bring participants along the journey to a PMO that is the cornerstone of strategy execution.
Day 2 AM Session: The Agile PMO. Instructor: Jesse Fewell
Now that agile methods are here to stay, executives are looking to PMO leaders for answers to fundamental questions: What is the agile movement all about? When does it fit for a given project, and when does it not? Even more puzzling, if agile methods encourage self-organizing teams, then how does that impact the role of a PMO, or even the role of the project manager itself? In this eye-opening session, we will sift out fact from fiction and walk away with actionable tips for evolving your PMO to support agile methods.
Day 2 PM Session: Open Space. Instructors: Mark Price Perry, Andy Jordan, and Jesse Fewell
Open Space Meetings are an amazingly powerful way to explore issues, discuss ideas, and achieve breakthrough thinking. Open Space Meetings are particularly useful for fully engaging all those who are truly passionate about and committed to a subject. Arguably, there is no greater shared bond that PMO practitioners have than their collective passion and commitment to the value proposition of a well-conceived, established, and run PMO. This workshop session utilizes the Open Space Meeting approach to tackle the top PMO‐related issues, opportunities, and topics of the workshop attendees.
Disclaimer: By enrolling in the PMO Workshop, Registrants agree to share Registrant Data ("Data") with Instructors for the purposes of customizing course objectives and providing assessments and strategies based upon Registrants’ specific information.

What You Will Learn

  • Be able to explain the top three reasons why PMOs fail, according to PMO research conducted by numerous industry sources.
  • Be able to explain to senior management the concepts of a business-driven PMO.
  • Learn techniques for how to establish with management the business purpose and value of their PMO.
  • Understand how to implement and leverage effective alignment of portfolio management and related disciplines with the PMO.
  • Appreciate the importance of integrated strategic processes, especially portfolio management and strategic resource management.
  • Learn how to prioritize the implementation of portfolio management with consideration to depth and breadth.
  • Develop an understanding of how traditional project management and agile are aligned and ways in which they are in conflict.
  • Gain hands-on experience using tools that will enable participants to assess how their PMO is positioned with respect to supporting a hybrid or agile organization and begin developing a plan to refine the mission of their PMO in order to better support the introduction of agile practices.
  • Gain experience using tools that will enable individuals to assess their own personal adoption.
  • Learn Open Space Meeting techniques and to be able to conduct an effective Open Space Meeting.
  • Learn and share the leading PMO/PPM/agile issues faced by businesses and organizations today.
  • To learn and share the leading techniques for building a successful, hybrid PMO.

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  • PMI-RMP®
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  • PfMP®
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Locations Offered

SeminarsWorld® in Boston

6 - 7 August 2018 Boston Massachusetts, United States

Join our expert SeminarsWorld® instructors in Boston to network, learn and problem-solve with your peers. The small-group, topic-intensive seminars align with the PMI Talent Triangle®, earning you up to 29.5 PDUs and 2.95 CEUs. Register by 25 June 2018 for early bird rates, and through 12 July, save on guest rooms at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. Your registration fee includes breakfast and lunch. SeminarsWorld runs from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
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Boston Park Plaza Hotel

SeminarsWorld® in Washington, D.C.

29 - 30 August 2018 Washington D.C., United States

Join our expert SeminarsWorld® instructors in Washington, D.C. to network, learn and problem-solve with your peers. The small-group, topic-intensive seminars align with the PMI Talent Triangle®, earning you up to 28 PDUs and 2.8 CEUs. Register by 16 July for early bird rates, and through 6 August, save on guest rooms at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. Your registration fee includes breakfast and lunch. SeminarsWorld runs from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on M
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Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill

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